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January 12, 2011 / Aurélien Ribon

Pirate Compass is now free !

Yes, that’s right, it’s a 180° turn ! But like I said, I wanted to test the android market. I have my answer :-p

Actually, I think that going directly non-free is a mistake, especially for a new application that no one knows and which interest is not sufficiently high to be publicized on forums. I think that for the next apps (which will be more complex and definitely more interesting) , I’ll try the add-on way. It will allow users to try it extensively and decide by themselves if they want to buy extra levels/options.

Anyway, have fun with it !

And a big thank you to all those awesome friends and family (and to those 3 american guys) who bought this app :-)



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  1. James / Apr 10 2011 17:32

    Hey, I was using your Syntax Highlighting Box, and it was very slow for me. I’m highlighting many numbers in one part and it took about 10 seconds.

    The fix is,

    var brush = (Brush)new BrushConverter().ConvertFrom(foregroundStr); brush.Freeze();
    Foreground = brush;

    Freezing the brush lets DrawingContext.Close() in DrawBlocks() do its work in another thread I believe, improving responsiveness a lot. :) Went from taking 5 seconds for that call alone on my document to about 20 ms.

  2. Aurélien Ribon / Apr 13 2011 16:32

    I didn’t know that the Syntax Highligh Box was popular. I’ll make an update soon. Thanks for your trick, I’m ashamed for having used an unfrozen brush, sorry about that O.o

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