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April 20, 2011 / Aurélien Ribon

Universal Tween Engine rev 4.0

A new revision of the Tween Engine is out: 4.0. It features a much more flexible engine, with TweenManagers and optional tween poolingExtensive documentation has been added to the project wiki, you should easily understand how to use it.



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  1. Patrick / Apr 29 2011 17:21

    I like the look of this and noticed you said you might be porting it into C#. Wouldn’t mind helping so I could use it in an XNA project I’m working on. Need any help/how many more breaking changes do you have left to do?

  2. Aurélien Ribon / May 2 2011 07:42

    I’m not planning any further API breakage :-)
    Things are simple to use and work like a charm like this. The current developments only concern API additions, like a tween overwrite management system (to avoid having two tweens running on the same target and attribute at once).

    Porting to C# is indeed planned. There is some growing interest in such port. Plus it should be quite straight-forward. I’ll complete the current java revision and wil work on the .NET one ;-)

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