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June 23, 2011 / Aurélien Ribon

Android game prototype: Swing

I recently started to work on a real Android game. It features a little hero who loves to throw ropes at roofs and to balance from one to another.

At first, I want to make a simple game where the hero has to jump from one platform to another. The more precise the landing, the best score you’ll get. But I want to reuse the concept and the hero in a series of different games, from a simple jump-and-land game to a complete platformer.

Therefore, I developed a small prototype of the concept in order to test some gameplay ideas, don’t hesitate to test it ;-) (but I agree, the current control scheme is awful, I need to automatize and tweak many things).

Prototype download link:

Controls are as follows:

  • Wait for the hero to be idle and ready.
  • Touch and release anywhere once to jump.
  • Touch and release once more to throw a rope. The rope is thrown where you release.
  • (Optional) Touch and drag left or right to add some velocity to the hero. Release has no action.
  • Touch and release to drop the rope.



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  1. Mauro / Sep 2 2011 21:32

    I’m from Argentina.
    Congratulations for your great work, I’d like to know how do you develop the user interface, is there any tool out there to create fancy screens laike yours?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Aurélien Ribon / Sep 3 2011 05:38


    Thank you. I’m using Inkscape for all the graphics stuff, and the universal tween engine to animate it. But other than that, no, there is no real tool for that, sadly…

  3. pWmp / Jul 21 2015 21:32


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