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August 9, 2011 / Aurélien Ribon

Application: Libgdx TexturePacker-Gui

Hello !

I once made a user interface for the libgdx texture packer. Since I never talked about it, here is a post to present it.

When using OpenGL, you usually want to draw models or sprites with some textures. Textures are images, and to draw these textures on screen, OpenGL needs to “bind” the first image, then the second, etc. However, binding a texture is not a cheap operation, especially on limited devices like smartphones (Android, iPhone, etc.). This is way developers tend to combine multiple small images into a bigger one. This way, the big image is bound once, and that’s all. Of course, you can choose to draw only a part of that big image at a time, this is the main interest.

The application I propose is a wrapper around Nate’s Texture Packer java class. I wanted to make that java class a standalone tool for my own usage. The wrapper is a dedicated user interface, but allows command-line support too, for direct inclusion into ant-like build workflows. Various settings can be easily exported and imported back.

Google code project page:

I hope you’ll find this contribution useful ;-)

Screenshot of the ui:



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  1. google / Aug 18 2011 13:15

    I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you


  1. Application: Libgdx TexturePacker-Gui | PDA8

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