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September 2, 2011 / Aurélien Ribon

LibGDX Screen Editor


I never talked about a previous contribution to the libGDX android/desktop OpenGL framework. It’s called Screen Editor. Its main use to use easily place and resize sprites in-game. I made it because I was tired to hard-code values for the design of my UIs.

The strip below explains its usage in images.

However, if I talk about it, it is to present the future of this application: the Physics Level Editor. This application will let people place their images where they want, but will also work together with the box2d-editor to build collision shapes. Camera viewport adjustment will be available too.

I’ll talk a bit more about it once I’ll have something to show. Stay tuned ;-)



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  1. arielsan / Sep 2 2011 15:01

    Interesting, do you handle rotations?

    You should distribute all your tools together in a tools suite :P

    Good work with all your stuff.

  2. Aurélien Ribon / Sep 2 2011 15:13


    The version I’m using for my games handles rotations and abstract points. Abstract points let you visually place “anchors” on the screen, and then retrieve them in your code. It helped me to create physical ropes between two points without having to hard code the point values.

    However, I won’t release this new version but will directly release the Physics Level Editor, which is the same things but with many more stuff added (layers with parallax, camera viewport and automatic physics bodies attachment to images).

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